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Who is Boogie?

Hi I am Jessica Sturges or better known today as "Boogie". For many of my 20's I spent dancing! Not professionally or anything, just in my free time. Also, in my 20's I was involved in many things such as modeling and acting. I traveled all over Florida with my best friend, my mother. I ended my 20's by getting accepted to the University of South Florida. I studied Mass Communication : Broadcast Journalism and minored in Theater: Costuming. So now in my 30's, what's next?

I have always loved so many things: #acting, doing #makeup, #sewing, #crafting, and #thrifting. But how do I make the things I love into a career? My first love landed me an amazing career at Tampa Bay Arts & Education Network. I am the Director of Business and Development and I love my job. We create so many wonderful educational programming for the community and I have met so many awesome people in 6 years of employment.

But what do I do for my other passions? I am going to channel them here at Boogie's Bargains. Ever since I can remember with my mom, we were shopping thrift stores finding amazing clothes, shoes, and accessories. When I need a wardrobe for a modeling gig, Goodwill we would go. When I needed Halloween costumes, Goodwill we would go (and I would take the costume, cut it and sew it into a super sexy outfit for a Halloween party!)

Those memories of shopping with my mother, I hold near and dear to me as I lost her in 2010 of a stroke. For awhile, it was hard for me go thrifting as it brought back so many of those memories. But today, I know my mom would be proud that I am taking our passion for finding a really good bargain and giving it new life and a new home.

Mom and I in 2008

#thriftshop #kitchen

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